At Tecnoline, we are specialized in “rock-face stabilisation” and our company is the first one in Sardinia to be specialized in this sector. We have been working throughout Italy since 1995 and the years spent in the sites allowed us to have a better knowledge in the field and thanks to our experience and perseverance, we obtained the SOA national certificate.

Our team is composed of technicians and expert rock climbers who work at any height, ready to intervene within 12/24 hours for emergency situations, working in a full respect of nature and of the current safety regulations.

The aim of Tecnoline is to meet the need of performing special works that cannot be carried out through the standard procedures of the traditional building sector. Thanks to its utmost professionalism, the use of mountaineering techniques and of the most advanced materials, our team can provide fast and cheap solutions to even more complex problems that are difficult to fix. Moreover, we can provide advice, design rock-face stabilisation works, mountain remediation works and soil bioengineering works.
Thanks to out know-how, we can carry out landslide control works, such as: rock recoveries, controlled demolition using explosive material, rockfall meshes, rockfall protection coatings, anchoring, stay rods, debris flow, rockfall and snow barriers.

Moreover, we perform also civil works, where we adapt our mountaineering techniques to specific needs: we work on dams, coverings, bridges, surrounding walls, bell towers, metallic frameworks and windmill blades.