Sistemi Operativi

Punctual inspection

A punctual inspection of cliffs is the most accurate and quick method to define, quantify and then engineer the necessary works for the securing of rocky ridges. It's usually combined with a light cleaning that ensures to technicians and to the rock climbers team a reconnaissance in the wall safely. In fact all blocks with critical conditions of stability are identified, numbered, photographed, analyzed and measured. All collected data are processed and then wrote down in technical specifications, including even possible interventions for safety.


This is a technique used for the safety of a rock cliff, a landslide or a slope, where there are parts or fragments that are subject to the risk of detachment and falling. The cleaning also helps nature and gravity to make its course, with the advantage of controlling the landslide event making it predictable, thus limiting to a minimum the damage to persons or things.

Rockfall barriers

Rockfall barriers are a system of passive protection. They are used when the landslide slope turns out to be too large to stabilize it with timely protection interventions. They allow to protect large areas quickly, cutting down costs. We supply and install, rockfall barriers of any energy class, from the lowest (100KJ) to the highest (8000KJ) through the most used 2000 and 3000KJ. We only use products that meet the technical standards for constructions NTC 2008, then with the CE marking in accordance with BTE (European Technical Approval) ETA issued in accordance with ETAG027 Guidelines for usability in the European Union.

Controlled demolitions

The demolition works have the purpose to reduce and fragment the big blocks and so consequently decrease or reset the impact risk caused by the large size of the rocks. We carry out demolitions of rocky ridges or individual blocks, with different techniques. Depending on the situations, these include the demolitions with explosives and chemical agents.

Anchoring - Fastener Driving Tool - Micropoles

The rods are structural elements in traction and are used to stabilize rocky walls and to anchor to the ground bulkheads or retaining walls. Their function is to transfer the necessary constraints of static in areas where the soil can absorb the stresses involved.

Containment systems with simple or reinforced rock trap nets

There are several types of coatings. Depending on the characteristics of the wall you want to consolidate we install double twisted or simple twisted rock trap nets. If the only use of the rock trap nets is not sufficient we can apply an additional system formed by intermediate anchors and steel cables that constitute therefore a cortical strengthening.


They make it possible to intervene on individual blocks, stabilizing them on-site, avoiding their slipping during processing.

Progettazione delle opere

In questa fase, tecnici rocciatori, ingegneri e geologi lavorano in equipe, valutando le condizioni della parete rocciosa dal punto di vista geo-morfologico, strutturale e operativo, cosi da restituire una progettazione mirata, realistica ed economicamente vantaggiosa per la risoluzione rapida e ottimale della situazione critica riscontrata.